How to not be a System Sheep Station 1

If you sign up for my email list please be patient as I do not even have content for them yet.  I'm like you, I had an idea for a website like this and I decided to just begin building it to make progress instead of waiting for it all to be perfect. I am adding to it and building it before it's completely ready.  It is an ongoing project I am creating in my spare time.

Here is an amazing tip for you if you have read this far into my website:

It is all a demo for me. The skillsets alone are of value. My ability to build a website, use Canva, connect a print store and navigate details on YouTube shows timestamps for my consistency and determination over the years. Who said small channels do not earn money? They are wrong. So what are you waiting for? Just begin a project. You never know when it will lead into something else unexpected. In fact, it usually does! 

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"Risk. Currency of the gods" - art in action.
art in action with youtube page by Angel Wallflower